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Ryedale Ear Clinic

One in five adults in the UK suffer with hearing loss

It could just be ear wax...

Hearing loss?

Ear ache?

Blocked, sore or itchy ears?

Ringing ears?

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Ryedale Ear Clinic

Microsuction is the gold standard for ear wax removal

Its quick, painless and safer than other methods of removal. Emily lives in Malton with her daughter Holly, their cocker spaniel Pippa and cat Bertie. Emily has over 18 years experience in the NHS, and has worked at York, Malton and Scarborough Hospital. She currently works 2 days a week at Scarborough Hospital. Emily set up this clinic to provide Ryedale residents a service that she felt was missing from the community. Emily says "Whilst there a few people offering this service, lots travel in to Ryedale from other areas, and don't have a permanent clinical base. I felt that locals needed a professional clinical environment, to replace the GP practices that used to offer wax removal"

"As I cycled home I realised how much my hearing had improved since the microsuction. I could hear the birds properly again" - Microsuction Patient

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